Work begins at Ocean 44!

 CFM Mechanical has been awarded, by Hardison Downey, the HVAC portion of the Ocean 44 project in Scottsdale, Arizona!

 Ocean 44 is another great endeavor embarked upon by restaurateurs Mike, Jeff, & Dennis Mastro and their partner Scott Troilo.

The new seafood restaurant is located on Goldwater Blvd, in place of the former Harkins Camelview theater. Although Ocean 44 is housed in a 12,000 square foot space, it will still showcase a very intimate, yet upscale, coastal vibe.

Ocean 44’s a la carte menu will feature fresh seafood composed of quality ingredients. But just in case you miss the prime-grade steaks served at Steak 44 & Dominick’s Steakhouse, they will also be available on the Ocean 44 menu!


Ocean 44 is expected to open late 2018.