Our Culture

With over three decades of industry experience behind them, George and Cynthia Barutha founded CFM Mechanical in 2005. George’s expertise in HVAC requirements and project management, as well as Cynthia’s business and financial acumen, has created a business built on stability and results. Over the past decade, CFM Mechanical has become one of the most trusted HVAC contractors in the region due to the company’s knowledgeable execution, record of reliability, and customer-centric project management. With a culture centered on a belief in helping others, CFM Mechanical strives to treat everyone with dignity and respect. In the words of George Barutha, “If you help your customers, employees, and vendors meet their objectives, they in turn will help you meet yours”.



George graduated from Milwaukee Area Technical College (MATC) with a Degree in Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technology. After moving to Phoenix, he joined Sheet Metal Local 359 to complete his apprenticeship where he graduated as a journeyman. For over fifteen years, George served as a foreman and superintendent overseeing tenant Improvements and special projects. His expertise was recognized by the City of Phoenix when they asked him to consult on updating the city’s HVAC codes. George continues to share his expertise when evaluating customer requirements, training staff, and overseeing compliance and safety requirements.

CYNTHIA BARUTHA – Vice President
Cynthia oversees the administrative and financial aspects of the business. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from Arizona State University and previously worked as an engineering project manager for Intel Corporation.



A safe worksite is critical to the well being of our crew as well as building maintenance staff and tenants. Proper training as well as safety reviews each morning, within our crew meetings, lays the foundation for safe work environments. Going beyond mandated requirements, we understand that the proper installation and servicing of equipment allows for long-term safe and reliable use. It’s for this reason that we also implement a safety and quality review of our projects by senior staff.



Expertise is built on experience and this is something we have quite a bit of. In fact, we helped establish the current HVAC codes used by the City of Phoenix. From leadership through our superintendents, down to our service department and field staff, you will not find a more knowledgeable and helpful team in Arizona. We have built our reputation on our ability to help customers at the design build level through execution – delivering quality work on time and on budget for all projects.

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